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Hi, friends! I'm so glad you are here! 

My name is Michele — with one L.

I'm a Colorado and destination wedding photographer who loves to capture joyful brides and grooms on their wedding day! In fact, you'll probably find me becoming friends with my clients because I adore them so much.

I’m a hybrid photographer, meaning I shoot both film and digital to create timeless images you’ll love to print and display. And you’ll find I shoot most often in an editorial style to capture images you’ll pass along to your children and grandchildren as treasured heirlooms.

I would be humbled more than words can say to be able to capture timeless memories of not just your wedding but the first day of your marriage!



  1. I have a serious case of wanderlust and love to travel, so don't be afraid to ask me to photograph your wedding outside of Colorado!

  2. I also love surprises, so you may find me planning secret vacations for my family, where they don't know the destination — only what to pack. I've also been known to plan entire vacations based on photos I've seen on Instagram. (Who wants to try that with their next anniversary session?)

  3. Don't judge, but I've been told I collect camera lenses the way some girls collect shoes. And I've recently become a lover of fine art film photography, so you’ll often see me with a light meter and a medium format film camera in hand.

  4. I'm a firm believer that the four food groups are guacamole, craft beer, coffee, and ice cream with sprinkles!

Now that you know a little bit about me, I'd love to hear more about you. Feel free to drop me a line to inquire about your upcoming wedding, engagement, or anniversary session — or just to introduce yourself and say hi!


Michele with one L